‘Animal Nationalisms: Multispecies Cultural Politics, Race, and the (Un)Making of the Settler Nation-State’

Journal of Intercultural Studies, Volume 41, 2020, Issue 1
Edited by Kathryn Gillespie & Yamini Narayanan

Available online at: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/cjis20/current

How have (other) animals been used – in fact, made central – to the exclusions, marginalisations and enclosures that constitute nation-un/making? Featuring provocative and brilliant analysis from authors, arguing for not only a decolonial but a de-anthropocentric approach to “unmake” nations sustained through racial, and anthropocentric violence.

This collection was born of the “Animal Nationalisms” symposium held by the Deakin Critical Animal Studies Network in Oct 2018.