Burning Questions Research Planning Grants Program

Encouraging academic researchers to pursue burning questions

Applications are open between August 7 – October 11, 2019 for funding towards the development of plans and emerging projects to study the ‘burning questions’.

The “Burning Questions” are focused on the negative impacts of global industrial scale production of food animals (focusing especially on low- and middle-income countries)

9 Categories (48 questions):
1) Production and Supply (9 questions – 1 high priority)
2) Consumption and Demand (8 questions – 2 high priority)
3) Key actors: Meat/eggs/dairy industries and multi-national corporations (8 questions)
4) Key actors: Small local producers and communities; Women (3 questions – 1 high priority)
5) Key actors: Governments, international bodies (4 questions – 3 high priority)
6) Key actors: NGOs [Non Government Organizations]; Campaigners (7 questions)
7) Externalities; Economic factors (2 questions)
8) Environmental concerns (4 questions – 1 high priority)
9) Animal welfare concerns (3 questions)

You can follow the links after clicking application instructions to see the questions in detail.

For details of the application see: http://tinybeamfund.org