Politics and Animals announces that the 2019 issue is open for submissions!

Politics and Animals is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that explores the human-animal relationship from the vantage point of political science and political theory. It hosts international, multidisciplinary research and debate — conceptual and empirical — on the consequences and possibilities that human-animal relations have for politics and vice versa.

As part of the 2019 issue, they will include the first instalment of a new section of the journal: The Politics and Animals Forum (“The P/A Forum”):

The P/A Forum is a place for scholars, policy makers, and those involved in the community/ies (e.g., activists, organizers, etc) to initiate conversations, dialogues, and debates around policy and contemporary issues related to human-animal relations. A submission to The P/A Forum may incorporate text as well as multimedia and is divided into three formats: Response ArticlesModerated Discussions, and Interviews & Symposia. For more information on the P/A Forum, its three formats or to see what is already included as part of the 2019 issue, please visit at www.politicsandanimals.org.

Politics and Animals publishes articles on a rolling basis within the current issue. Articles accepted for publication are added continuously to the current issue until it closes, ensuring the fastest possible turnaround times for authors. 

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