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Animal Studies Journal – Dairy Issue now online

Animal Studies Journal – Dairy Issue now online

The latest edition of Animal Studies Journal is now online, presenting research related to the dairy industry. The papers cover a range of perspectives, from the uses of female bodies and the mystification of milk, to the fate of calves, to the social coding of milking and of milk itself.

Animal Studies Journal is free to access at


Carol J. Adams -Provocation: Female Reproductive Exploitation Comes Home

Melissa Boyde – The Dairy Issue: ‘Practicing the Art of War’

lynn mowson- bloodlines – Mammalian Motherhood, Biotechnologies and Other Entanglements

Deidre Wicks – Demystifying Dairy

Taija Kaarlenkaski – ‘Machine Milking is More Manly than Hand Milking’: Multispecies Agencies and Gendered Practices in Finnish Cattle Tending from the 1950s to the 1970s

Vasile Stănescu – ‘White Power Milk’: Milk, Dietary Racism, and the ‘Alt-Right’

Iselin Gambert and Tobias Linné – From Rice Eaters to Soy Boys: Race, Gender, and Tropes of ‘Plant food Masculinity’

Lynley Tulloch – An Auto-ethnography of Anti-dairy Vegan Activism in New Zealand

Books reviewed:

Wendy Woodward

Scott M. DeVries, Creature Discomfort: Fauna-criticism, Ethics and the Representation of Animals in Spanish American Fiction

Elizabeth Ellis

Malcolm Caulfield, Animals in Australia: Use and Abuse

Sally Borrell

Anna Barcz, Animal Narratives and Culture: Vulnerable Realism

Jacqueline Dalziell

Tessa Laird, Bat


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