British Animal Studies Network – Sex – program available

This meeting will address issues including animal sexuality, the law, the conservation and reproduction of species, the place of animals in the sexual sciences, spontaneous generation, artificial insemination, and zoophilia from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

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Friday 27 April

2.00-2.30 coffee/registration

2.30-3.30 – Plenary 1 – Andy Butterworth (University of Bristol)

‘Dressed in a Terminological Coat’

3.30-4.30 – Panel 1 – Law and Animal Sex

Greg Garrard (University of British Columbia, Okanagan), ‘Being Zoo: Bestial Humans and Sexual Animals’

Jessica Eisen (Harvard University), ‘Beyond the “Private” Farm: Law and Sexual Force in North American Dairying’

4.30-4.50 – coffee – sponsored by Edinburgh University Press

4.50-5.50 – Plenary 2 – Stella Sandford (Kingston University)

‘Human, Animal, Plant: The Invention of Sex Difference in Natural History’

5.50-6.00 – comfort break

6.00-7.00 – Panel 2 – Sex and Conservation in Scotland

Reuben Message (University of Oxford), ‘“A Plan that Seems Almost Miracle-Working”: Reproducing Fish and Social Relations in the Scottish Borders’

Shona McCombes (Central European University and University of Utrecht), ‘Wild Sex: Impotence, Excess and the Biopolitics of Species Conservation’

7.00-7.30 – Susan Richardson (British Animal Studies Network Poet in Residence)

‘Words the Turtle Taught Me’

8.00- bedtime – BASN Buffet Saramago Vegan Bar, Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art

Saturday 28 April

9.30-11.00 – Panel 3 (3 papers) Sexual Sciences

André Krebber (University of Kassel / University of Edinburgh), ‘Making Species: Sexual Attraction and Animal Agency’

Ina Linge (University of Exeter), ‘Queering Butterflies: Magnus Hirschfeld, Richard Goldschmidt, and the relationship between sexology and zoology’

Catherine Duxbury (Independent Scholar), ‘Of Monkeys, Men and Menstruation: The Scientific Explanation of Periods in Mid-Twentieth Century Britain’

11.00-11.30 – coffee

11.30-12.30 – Plenary 3 – Karl Steel  (Brooklyn College, CUNY)

‘Crawling Matter: Spontaneous Generation from the Ancients to the Moderns’

12.30-1.15 – lunch

1.15-2.45 – Panel 4 (3 papers) Animal Sexualities

Zoé Marty (Ecole du Louvre),  ‘Animals as lovers: Bestiality and the Salon in 19th-Century France’

Mario Ortiz-Robles (University of Wisconsin-Madison), ‘Freud’s Vulture’

Julien Dugnoille (University of Exeter), ‘Animal Desires: Revitalising socio-biological and evolutionary theories on animal sexualities with accounts of nonhuman animals seeking consortship for pleasure’

2.45-3.00 – concluding remarks and close

Paper Abstracts and Biographies of Speakers can be downloaded here

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