Illegal Wildlife Trafficking: Attacking on All Fronts

Venue: Adina Hotel Central (near Central Station), Sydney
Date: Tuesday 13th June 2017

Illegal wildlife trafficking is seriously threatening fauna species around the world, whether poaching elephants, rhinos and tigers for their tusks, horns and other body parts, or lesser-known species such as pangolins. Australian cockatoos and other parrots, pythons, and lizards can also fetch high prices which tempt blackmarketers to smuggle them overseas. There have been several well-publicised cases recently, but how many others escape detection?

Wildlife Tourism Australia, is running a one-day workshop to discuss these crimes and how we can best fight against them. We hope to bring together academic researchers working on detection by biochemical analysis and other means, trainers of sniffer dogs, airline staff, biosecurity officers, tourism operators and conservation managers (and anyone else with an interest, and perhaps some innovative ideas) to develop guidelines on how best to combat the illicit trade in Australia and elsewhere.

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