New issue Animal Studies Journal now available online

Volume 6 issue 1 is now available online

Editorial, Contents and Contributor bios:

Provocations from the Field:  Rick De Vos
Extinction, Encountering and the Exigencies of Forgetting:

Henrietta Mondry – Selecting Candidates for De-extinction and Resurrection: Mammoths, Lenin’s Tomb and Neo-Eurasianism:

Carolyn Mason – The Unnaturalness Objection to De-Extinction: A Critical Evaluation:

Douglas Campbell – On the Authenticity of De-extinct Organisms, and the Genesis Argument:

Rosie Ibbotson – Making Sense? Visual Cultures of De-extinction and the Anthropocentric Archive:

Marcus Baynes-Rock and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas – We Are Not Equals: Socio-Cognitive Dimensions of Lion/Human Relationships:

Madeleine Boyd – Painting with Horses Towards Interspecies Response-ability:  Non-human Charisma as Material Affect:

Malcolm Caulfield – The Australian Animal Use Industry Rejects Anthropomorphism, but Relies on Questionable Science to Block Animal Welfare Improvements:

Will Kymlicka – Review: Robert Garner and Siobhan O’Sullivan (eds). The Political Turn in Animal Ethics. London: Rowman and Littlefield, 2016:

Nigel Rothfels – Review: Peta Tait. Fighting Nature: Travelling Menageries, Animal Acts and War Shows. Sydney University Press, 2016: