Call for Papers

Image & Text no. 30 December 2017

Issue Editors: Dr Benita de Robillard and Dr Ruth Lipschitz

Article submission: 30 April 2017
Publication: 30 December 2017 – January 2018
Length: 5000-7000 words

All submissions and general enquiries should be sent directly to both of the issue editors:

Themed Issue: “Visual Cultures of Race and Animality”

The human/animal question has surfaced in the Humanities with a sense of urgency. The themed issue of Image & Text on “Visual Cultures of Race and Animality” aims to develop this multi- and interdisciplinary interest from transnational and/ or African vantage points. Questions about the figuration, and framing, of the human demonstrate that what ‘the West’ calls ‘Human’ and what it calls ‘Animal’ has fatal consequences. As Jacques Derrida and Cary Wolfe point out, the non-criminal death of the other that animalises animals and makes available a politics of animalisation can be transferred to any species. Recent scholarship that has extended Derrida’s interventions into the longstanding question of the animal has staged how difference and relationality still need to be thought through with reference to the problem of the ‘Human’, its limits, and violent effects. Our aim is to widen scholarship that investigates the nexus of race and animality beyond Western settings and/ or frameworks.

The themed issue will call attention to how, and with what effects, race and animality emerge in the politics of visualities, ‘origins’, alterities, geographies, embodiments, technologies of control, violence, and migrations. We call for papers concerned with visual cultures broadly conceived that draw from, but are not limited to, the following areas of interest: critical race studies, indigenous knowledges, queer, trans*, and crip perspectives, biopolitics, deconstruction, feminist and ecocritical epistemologies, Deleuzian perspectives, the medical humanities, science and technology studies, and the environmental and digital humanities.

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