Human/Animal/Artist: Art Inspired by Animals

Human/Animal/Artist: Art Inspired by Animals opens 20 November 2016 – 19 February 2017, McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery. 
It includes international and local sculptors, painters, photographers, video installation and performance artists, and musicians:  Lauren Berkowitz, Catherine Chalmers (USA), Catherine Clover, Joe Japananka James, Nicholas Mangan, Vera Möller, Samuel Namunjdja, Sean Peoples, Elizabeth Presa, David Rothenberg (USA), Sandra Selig, Tai Snaith, Jason deCaires Taylor (UK), Esme Timbery, Greg Mosquito Tjampitjinpa, Louise Weaver, Shona Wilson, Watarru Women’s Collaborative, John Wolseley.
Human/Animal/Artist investigates notions of art and the role of the artist. It presents a dialogue between human and non-human aesthetic objects and provides a context whereby the animal’s work can be evaluated and appreciated within the context of art.
Curated by Janine Burke, the exhibition includes established and emerging contemporary artists who emulate, incorporate or refer to the works of animals, whether nest, web, hive, shelter, structure, design, trace, song or dance. 

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