Children and animal abuse webinar series out now

From The Animal & Society Institute: Over the past few months ASI’s Human-Animal Programs Director Lisa Lunghofer presented a series of three webinars about the impact of animal abuse on children. Now that the three-part series has concluded the reviews are in and people are praising the webinars, here is a sampling of they have to say:

The content in these webinars is cutting edge and invaluable to social work practice. I will be referencing it in my teaching and writing. With the majority of US households having at least one companion animal, and given the empirically-supported connections between violence toward animals and violence toward humans, it is crucial that social workers are able to competently assess and intervene in situations where humans and animals may be at risk. These seminars equip social workers to be able to do so! – Janet Hoy

As a Humane Educator working with the public, it is so important to be able to see the links in childhood trauma and animal cruelty. Dr. Lunghofer’s work illuminates this work and makes it completely accessible to laymen and clinicians alike. The webinars give you a concise method of dialogue with children that is not scary or taboo. To me, this is most important. Each experience Dr. Lunghofer has shared comes from an amazingly neutral prospective. – Elizabeth Brown

Throughout the series Lisa spoke about the importance that companion animals play in children’s lives, discussed how to identify risk factors, and shared information on resources that are available for children who have witnessed, engaged in, or are at risk of engaging in animal abuse.

We felt that is was important to present these webinars free of charge in order share this vital information with as many people as possible. We were able to do so, in part, thanks to a partnership with the Humane Society Academy. But the support and donations from people like you who care about the often complex relationship between humans and animals cannot be understated, you make it possible for ASI to do this kind of work, thank you! Not only were we able to present these webinars for free, we and also happy to announce that they continue to be available online!

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