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Media Links

ABC Radio interview with Denise Russell Human Cures and Animal Sacrifices

ABC Radio interview with Mark Rowlands The Philosopher and the Wolf

ABC Radio interview with Philip Armstrong What Animals Mean in Fiction

Andrew Gardiner’s Elephants and Exclusivity Veterinary History on MedicalHistory

Animal Voices radio interview with Akira Lippit

British Animal Studies Network Glasgow Series: Papers from Workshops

Harriet Ritvo’s lecture Silent Partners: Animals, Domestication, and Environment on NICHE

NICHE Episode 11 Animals, History and Environment

Open University interview with Peter Singer on Ethics Bites

Rikke Hansen interviews with Animal Studies scholars on Nature Calls: Animals in Visual Culture

Tina Loo’s lecture Why Look at Animals? on NICHE

Environmental History podcast on Dogs in Urban History with Chris Pearson

Video Clips

Channel 7 interview with Matt Chrulew on Marius the Giraffe

HARN’s vimeo channel

Seminars include:

  1. Professor Kathy Belov – “Sympathy for the Devil: How do we stop a contagious Cancer?”
  2. Professor David Raubenheimer – “Penny Wise, Pound Foolish: Geometry, Obesity and the Cost of Food”
  3. Professor Edward Holmes – “The Greatest Evolutionary Experiment: Viral Biocontrol of Rabbits”
  4. Professor Peter Sankoff – “The Animal Rights Debate and the Expansion of Public Discourse”
  5. Associate Professor Claire Kim – “Race Species and Nature in a Multicultural Age”
  6. Professor Paul McGreevy – “The Role of the Whip in Racing”
  7. Professor Adrian Franklin – “Nativism and Naturalisation: Strategies in the Anthropocene”
  8. Dr Siobhan O’Sullivan – “Seeing Is Believing: Nonhuman Animals and Liberal Democracies”
  9. Professor Kate Rigby – “Animal Calls”
  10. Associate Professor Annie Potts – “From Alectromancy to McNuggets: An Illustrated History of Chickens”
  11. Professsor Deborah Bird Rose – “In the Shadow of all this death”
  12. Dr Anne Fawcett – “In Veterinary Care”
  13. Dr Malcolm France –  “In Humane Care: Animals in Scientific Research: How far have we come?”
  14. Dr Fiona Probyn-Rapsey – “Stunning Australia”
  15. Dr Celeste Black –  “Plowing by the Tayle: Horse welfare and the Law”
  16. Professor Paul McGreevy – “Flogging a Tired Horse”
  17. Professor Phil McManus “Thoroughbreds: Racing, Breeding and Beyond”

Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network’s You Tube Channel

Featuring Keynotes from the 2015 AASA Conference: Animal Publics


Knowing Animals Podcast by Siobhan O’Sullivan.  A regular 20 minute podcast – about all things related to animals and ethics; animals and the law; animals and politics; and animal advocacy. It features interviews with academic and animal advocates.
Sponsored by the AASA.

Freedom of Species  radio show draws on all disciplines that have a fascination, an appreciation and a belief in a better world for all animals: conservation, philosophy, sociology, art, literature, science, film, history, politics and the vegan and animal rights movements. The show is hosted by Melbourne-based animal advocates, presenting local & international news, interviews and music from this vibrant social justice movement. – See more at: