Young, Tracy

Young, Tracy

Lecturer, Early Childhood, Swinburne University of Technology

PhD Candidate, Monash University

Tracy Young is employed at Swinburne University of Technology and is a PhD candidate with the Faculty of Education at Monash University where she is engaged with research that troubles the connections and disjunctions of child/animal relatings in family homes and early childhood education within a critical,  posthuman framework. These complex relations provide a space for ethical considerations that critique how animal species are socially constructed, culturally reproduced and positioned in early childhood education.

Although human-animal studies are gaining attention in research, there is still an under-representation of HAS research in education, including early childhood and environmental education. The nonhuman animal is lacking in environmental education research and the young child is barely considered in human-animal studies. This provides early childhood education, and indeed all areas of education an opportunity to reposition both the child and animal as worthy of serious inquiry, beyond the legacy of humanism.

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