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Sue Kalab, Sandpipers

Artist Statement:

My work is soft realism; watercolours of Australia’s natural world.  

The aim, my endeavour, is to catch that tenderness, the expression, the indescribable element that gives the beauty to the moment of the image.  Energy, interest, and that ‘other’- the magical ingredient that makes a work art – is my objective.  

Perth arts writer Julie Prott describes it as cultivated rusticity.   Art critic Judith McGrath suggests the viewer “lingers, and takes the time to engage with these powerful works of gentle beauty”.  Others comment about its timelessness and meditative qualities.  

Sue Kalab, Who doesn’t love the Avocets?

About the artist:

Sue Kalab has been involved with watercolours and the natural world of Australia since 1981, when she went to live and work for 12 years as an artist in Mallacoota in Croajingolong National Park, Victoria.  Then two years living and working on an Aboriginal community on the edge of the desert in the Pilbara, she learned of a different time and reality.  Sue’s studio is now established by the ocean in Bunbury.  For many years she has been widely known for her voluntary conservation advocacy.  Her artwork is described as contemplative, cultivated rusticity.  A popular artist, her paintings are collected in Australia and globally. 

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Sue Kalab, The Swan-ness of a Swan – it just is