snail mail, coloured cardboard


Snail collaboration artworks produced by placing coloured cards in letter box every evening and overnight the snails get to work producing some very interesting results. What is not apparent in the scan of this image is the delicate silver trails that have been left behind by the snails. Under the right light these trails glisten. Visit video footage to accompany this work


Greg Giannis has a background in software design engineering, but moved away from this in the mid 90’s to pursue his interest in art practice. Since then, he has exhibited and presented papers at many media art exhibitions and several festivals in Australia and overseas. He has a diverse practice, experimenting with many mediums and in many contexts. His current project, which is part of his PhD candidature, involves walking as performance, collaboration, subjective mapping and software writing.

Past projects include photographic based work, interactive installations, public projections,, collaborations with living creatures and generative art. Greg has also worked in a range of commercial environments as a software design engineer, web designer, usability consultant and technical consultant.

VISIT:  Maggie – living in the suburbs alone for a short period I was visited regularly by a magpie. This too became a collaboration of sorts, resulting in a short video piece.