Australasian Animal Studies Association
Catherine Clover, My Monster: The Human Animal Hybrid, 2018
Photo Credit: Mark Ashkanasy © RMIT Gallery


Catherine Clover’s multidisciplinary practice addresses communication through voice, language and the interplay between hearing/listening, seeing/reading. Using field recording, digital imaging and the spoken/written word she explores an expanded approach to language within and across species through a framework of everyday experience. With listening as a key focus and the complexity of the urban as a shared sonic space, the artworks prompt transmission and reception through the fluidity, instability and mobility of voicing and languaging. The artworks are social in nature and frequently involve collaboration and participation with other artists and with audiences. They take several forms including texts/scores, sound, installations, sound walks, performance, readings, external public artworks.

Catherine Clover, OH! AH AH PREE TRRA TRRA, 2019
Music and Other Living Creatures Series, Cafe Oto, London, UK
Photo Credit: Helen Frosi


Brought up in London UK she studied at Wimbledon School of Art and East London University, and arrived in Melbourne Australia as visiting artist via Gertrude Contemporary in the 1990s. Her work has been exhibited and performed regularly both within Australia and internationally since the 90s. She teaches in Melbourne at Swinburne University (MA Writing), RMIT University (MA Public Art) and holds a practice led PhD (Fine Art) through RMIT University.

Catherine Clover, The Ambassadors, 2019
As part of ‘Immerse 2019 Art in Unexpected Places’, Melbourne
Photo Credit: Samara Clifford

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