Melbourne Reading Group 2019 – ‘A Focus on Seminal Works in Animal Studies’

The Human Rights and Animal Studies Research Network (HRAE) runs a monthly reading group. Each group is held on the last Monday of the Month at 6-7pm.

This year the focus is on seminal/early works in Animal Studies – recognising that many of us come to the field from other disciplines with different bibliographic heritages. This is our chance to read through some amazing early texts developing the field – many of which are fresh and contemporary. Some of the sessions planned so far include: Intersections between Feminism and Animals, The Animal Industrial Complex, Are We Meat?, and Fictional Animals.
If you’d like to take part in this group contact to be added to the reading list. All welcome.

If you are not in Melbourne, but want to follow the discussion, responses to the sessions will be posted on the AASA website (forthcoming).