Dr Muhammad Kavesh

Dr Muhammad Kavesh

Australian Anthropological Society’s 2020 Postdoctoral Fellow

Australian National University

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Research interests / activities:

Muhammad Kavesh is an Australian Anthropological Society’s 2020 Postdoctoral Fellow, affiliated with School of Culture, History, and Language, at the Australian National University. His upcoming book Animal Enthusiasms: Life Beyond Cage and Leash in Rural Pakistan (Routledge 2021, part of Rebecca Cassidy and Garry Marvin series “Multispecies Anthropology: New Ethnographies) is based on two-year ethnographic fieldwork (conducted between 2008-2018). The book examines how human-animal relationships are conceived, developed, and carried out in rural Pakistani Muslim society, and how can we explore diverse modalities of inter-species intimacy through activities like pigeon flying, cockfighting, and dogfighting.


Kavesh’s writings have appeared in Society & Animal, The Asia and Pacific Journal of Anthropology, South Asia, and Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies (Indiana University Press), among other outlets. He is co-editing a special issue (with Dr Natasha Fijn) for The Australian Journal of Anthropology (TAJA) in late-2020 on “Sense Making in a More-than-Human World.”

Kavesh has three-year teaching experience at the Australian National University where he convened courses such as “The Making of South Asia (2018)”, “Culture and Modernity in Asia (2019)”, and “Anthropology and Technology in India (2020)”.

Potential areas for research supervision: Animal sport; multispecies anthropology; gender and masculinity; environmental humanities