Fijn, Dr Natasha

Fijn, Dr Natasha

Fejos Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethnographic Film

Australian National University

Dr Natasha Fijn is a Fejos Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethnographic Film, funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation to film the medical treatment of herders and herd animals in Mongolia in 2017. Her research engages with aspects of visual anthropology, animal domestication and animal studies. Her ongoing interest is in cross-cultural perceptions and attitudes towards other animals; as well as the use of the visual, particularly observational filmmaking, as an integral part of her research. Her book Living with Herds: human-animal coexistence in Mongolia was published by Cambridge University Press in 2011.

Natasha is based at the ANU’s Mongolia Institute, College of Asia and the Pacific:

For information on Natasha Fijn’s book ‘Living with Herds: human-animal coexistence in Mongolia’ and related video segments see: . For a site dedicated to Natasha Fijn’s observational film ‘Khangai Herds’ (2008) see The entire film can be viewed in nine separate segments. There is also additional footage and photographs from Natasha’s research in Mongolia.
Animal studies; Visual anthropology; Animal domestication; Mongolia; Yolngu, Arnhem Land
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