Fijn, Dr Natasha

Fijn, Dr Natasha
Fijn, Dr Natasha

Research Fellow

Australian National University
Research interests / activities:

Natasha’s current research focus is an ARC Discovery project on ‘Mongolian Medicine: different modes of multispecies knowledge transmission’, which is an extension of her previous Mongolian-based field research, examining multispecies medicine in detail within herding communities in the Khangai Mountains. During her PhD Natasha observed herders applying medicinal practices and techniques across species, treating family members and the different species of herd animal. Her previous ethnography will now be expanded to include local doctors and veterinarians, to examine the multiple uses of biomedicine with traditional medicines for the treatment of illnesses in both humans and domestic animals. The ultimate aim of this cross-species, pluralistic approach to medicine is to inform the discussion surrounding One Health, where concepts and ideas from biomedicine, veterinary medicine and ecology are integrated to provide a more holistic approach to illness and wellbeing.



Fijn, Natasha (2020) Bloodletting in Mongolia: Three visual narratives. In N. Kohle and S. Kuriyama (eds) Fluid Matter(s): Flow and transformation in the history of the body Asian Studies Monograph Series 14, ANU Press, Canberra,

Fijn, Natasha (2019) The multiple animal: Multispecies ethnographic filmmaking in Arnhem Land, Australia. Visual anthropology. 32(5): 385-403,

Fijn, Natasha (2019) Donald Thomson: Observations of animal connections in visual ethnography in Northern Australia Special Issue: G. Palsson and M. Lien (eds) Reconsidering the classics. Ethnos.

Potential areas for research supervision: Animal Studies; Inner Asia and Central Asia; Visual Anthropology
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