Linda Brant

LBrant, Nostrils, Bovine
Linda Brant, Nasal Conchae, Bovine, Photograph, 2014


My art work examines the ways in which people honor or do not honor nonhuman animals following their deaths. While companion animals are frequently grieved and honored, those that we depend on for food and other products are rarely recognized. With a few noteworthy exceptions, the deaths of farm animals, laboratory animals and wild animals go virtually unnoticed. What makes one species worthy of honoring and another unworthy? What implications do our values and judgements about nonhumans have for humanity? I explore these issues through sculpture, photography, concept-mapping and interactive community-based projects.


Linda Brant is an artist and psychologist from Orlando, Florida. She earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Texas Tech University and her MFA in visual art from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University (now Lesley University College of Art and Design). Her art focuses on honoring and memorializing animals that are not typically regarded as grievable. Her photo essay, The Unmourned, is included in Margo DeMello’s text, Mourning Animals (2016). She is currently collaborating with Hartsdale Pet Cemetery and the Culture & Animals Foundation to build a monument dedicated To Animals We Do Not Mourn.