Positions: Harvard Law School – Visiting Clinical Professor or Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor

depending on level of experience, in the new Animal Law & Policy Clinic. This a term appointment for either one or two years, depending on the candidate’s preference. A successful visit will lead to consideration for a clinical faculty position. The Visiting Clinical Professor or Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor and Clinical Instructor will work in consultation with the Faculty Director of the Animal Law & Policy Program to determine the projects that the Clinic will undertake and strategies for their execution. Through a separate search process, we are also seeking to make an appointment of a Clinical Instructor for the Clinic. Responsibilities will include supervision of the Clinical Instructor; development of proposals for clients, cases, and policy projects; the instruction of students; supervision of and responsibility for student casework; client communication; clinic administration; case management; and record keeping. Find out more here: http://animal.law.harvard.edu/wp-content/uploads/HLS-ALPC-Clinical-Professor-Posting.pdf

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