Kelley, Dr Lindsay


University of New South Wales
Research interests / activities

I am an International Research Fellow at the Centre for Fine Art Research, Birmingham City University as well as a Co-Investigator with the KIAS funded Research­-Creation and Social Justice CoLABoratory: Arts and the Anthropocene (University of Alberta, Canada).

With Eva Hayward, I have written extensively about “tranimals” (animal inside trans-) and have also written about animals and food, animals and art, and animals in feminist theory.

Potential areas for research supervision
I currently supervise research projects that include painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, installation, ceramics, aquaculture, bioart, and experimental video. I am interested in supervising candidates whose research engages art practice and critical theory at once. Although my students and I share an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge making more than any particular form or content, I am best able to support candidates whose work attends to food studies, animal studies, feminist theory, and performance.
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