Quilty, Mona

Quilty, Mona
Quilty, Mona

Bachelor of Sculpture and Spatial Practice, 3rd year

Victorian College of the Arts

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My practice is based in learning. With this framework in mind, I look at the human animal relationship, using sculpture and performance to realise perspectives we may not have considered before.
I work with the performative aspect of animal bodies. Active engagement with the nonhuman, the ones present and forgotten, helps me to face an overwhelming question- how do we change what we think is the truth?
An insurmountable task so it seems, but I believe the way to understanding our shared paths with animals lies right in front of us- what rests warm and quiet at our feet, the body still by the roadside, those who sing on the roof at the fall of dusk, they peer through the trees and wonder why we’re here.
Through my work i wonder too, watching back closely. I don’t know what i hope to find, but i will never stop looking.