Robertson, Nicole

Robertson, Nicole

Master’s Student (Social Work)

Massey University
Research interests / activities:

Master’s of Social Work.

Thesis Topic: Exploring the value of integrating human and animal relationships into the social work assessment.

Current position SPCA National Targeted Interventions Manager. SPCA Targeted Interventions was developed in response to an increasing body of research that examines the common roots of violence toward people and animals and is directed at establishing animal cruelty as an early indicator of at-risk status in children.

A systemic response to violence, the role has supported the development of inter-agency partnerships, pathways to encourage cross-reporting and evidence-based intervention for young people who witness animal directed violence or perpetrate animal cruelty.


As the SPCA Targeted Interventions Manager, Nicole led the creation of SPCA Targeted Interventions Portal, an online resource for practitioners to support the early identification of coexisting animal cruelty and other forms of family violence and child victimisation.