Markwell, Professor Kevin

Markwell, Professor Kevin


Southern Cross University
Research interests / activities:

I am interested in the social construction of non-human animals predominantly through tourism and leisure activities.


Markwell, K., Firth, T. and Hing, N. (2016) Blood on the racetrack: An analysis of ethical concerns regarding animal-based gambling, Annals of Leisure Research, Markwell, K. and Cushing, N. (2015) The ‘Killer of the cane fields’: the social construction of the coastal taipan, Journal of Australian Studies, 40(1): 74-91. Markwell, K (Ed) (2015) Animals and Tourism: Understanding Complex Relationships, ChannelView Publications, 306pp.

Potential areas for research supervision: Tourism/leisure relationships with non-human animals; Cultural histories/geographies of Australian animal species
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