Markwell, Professor Kevin

Markwell, Professor Kevin


Southern Cross University
Research interests / activities:

I am interested in animal-human relations within the context of tourism and leisure; cultural histories of selected animal species; recreation and tourism impacts on herpetofauna; impacts of climate change on wildlife tourism in Australia; wildlife tourism in PNG.


Markwell K. (in review) Koalas, bushfires and climate change: Towards an ethic of care. Annals of Tourism Research.

Skibins, J. C., Weiler, B. and Markwell, K. (2019) The devil made me do it: influence of values on interpretation and behavours for Tasmanian devils, Journal of Interpretation Research, 24(1): 63-84

Markwell, K., Wiler, B. and Skibins, J. C. (2019) Sympathy for the devil? Uncovering inhibitors and enablers of emotional engagement between zoo visitors and the Tasmanian devil Sarcophilus harrisi, Visitor Studies, 21: 84-103.

Markwell, K. (2019) Relating to reptiles: an autoethnographic account of animal-leisure relationships, Leisure Studies, 38: 241-352.

Markwell, K. (2018) An assessment of wildlife tourism prospects in Papua New Guinea, Tourism Recreation Research, 43(2):250-263.

Potential areas for research supervision:
Tourism/leisure relationships with non-human animals; Cultural histories/geographies of Australian animal species