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Independent Researcher

PhD Student / Tutor

University of Wollongong

Animal/vegan activism in Israel-Palestine; Animals/animality and questions of race, nationalism and settler colonialism

Senior Lecturer

University of Technology Sydney

Posthumanism and human-animal relationships; Gender and Sexuality; Masculinities

Discipline Leader, English Literature

University of the Sunshine Coast

Armstrong, Philip. A/Professor

Head of English Department

University of Canterbury


Elimination of factory farming; Expansion of humane education at all levels.

Baynes-Rock, Marcus

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Anthropology

University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana


The co-evolution of humans and large carnivores and the interface between these species in contemporary societies.
The effects of large carnivores on processes of animal domestication, past and present.

PhD Candidate

The University of Melbourne


Cannibalism; Animal studies; Cultural studies; Ethics

Independent Scholar


Animal Ethics; Animal and environmental protection

PhD Candidate

University of Sydney

Human-animal relationships in the intersection of sustainability studies, ecological thought and social change for sustainability.
Welfare conceptions of the thoroughbred industry and of animal protection organisations.

PhD Candidate

University of Alberta

Evolutionary literature/poetics/film/art; Charles Darwin; decomposition

Law, University of Tasmania

Animal Welfare; Canine Health.

Staff Profile

Independent Scholar

Associate Editor, Animal Studies Journal
Bough, Dr Jill

Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Newcastle


Donkeys and their representation in human cultures

Independent Scholar and Artist

Interspecies Practice and Theory in Contemporary Art;
Equine Art practices;
New Materialisms and non-human perspectives;
Technology and non-human animals;
Multispecies theory

Senior Research Fellow
School of the Arts, English and Media

University of Wollongong


Animal Studies; modernist art and literature; critical and cultural theory with a focus on the lived experiences of non-human animals – particularly those in the cattle industries in Australia. Founder and chief editor of Animal Studies Journal

Staff Profile

PhD Candidate

University of Sydney

Animal emotion, trans-species psychology, human-nonhuman animal relations, animal self-determination and liberation

Consultant Ophthalmologist

University of NSW

PhD Candidate

University of Sydney

Human-Animal studies; Feminist Science and Technology Studies; Critical Public health; animal-to-human transplantation (xenotransplantation), regulatory and virology discourses/practices

Honorary Research Fellow

University of Wollongong

Animal law and science; Animal welfare

Chen, Dr Peter

Senior Lecturer

University of Sydney


Animal welfare; new media and the politics of animal protection

Staff Profile
Boston University

Human and animal diabetes research

Sessional Lecturer in Philosophy/Small Animals Veterinarian

Australian Catholic University/Epsom Road Veterinary Clinic


Animal ethics; Animal-human studies; Environmental ethics; Veterinary ethics

Robert Wallace Chair of English

University of Melbourne

18th and 19th century literature, science and cultural history; natural history

Independent Scholar

Cultural Studies; Heritage; Ibis

Casual academic

Southern Cross University

Senior Lecturer
School of Humanities and Social Science (History)

University of Newcastle

Environmental history

Staff Profile

Masters student, University of Divinity
Associate Fellow, Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics


Farm- and working-animal welfare, including live export; ethical food production; animals as “raw materials” and research subjects; animal abuse and neglect (particularly concerning farm animals)

Centre for Culture and Technology, Curtin University


Extinction; Cultural Studies; Species History

Staff Profile

Independent Scholar


Contemporary art and animals; animal-human reciprocal gaze; ethics, aesthetics and animal advocacy; representations of companion animals in art, representations of farm animals in art.

Honorary Senior Fellow,
School of Law

University of Wollongong


The intersection between animal law and public law, particularly issues such as accountability and transparency in lawmaking and enforcement.

Evans, Dr Linda

Lecturer, Department of Ancient History

Macquarie University

Humans and non-human animals in the ancient world as reflected in religious ideas, symbolism, philosophy, and especially art.

Staff Profile
Fijn, Dr Natasha

Fejos Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethnographic Film

Australian National University

Human-animal studies, visual anthropology, observational film, eco-humanities, etho-ethnography/ethno-ethology, animal domestication, Mongolia, Yolngu of East Arnhem Land, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), cross-cultural perceptions and attitudes towards other animals.

Staff Profile

PhD Candidate

University of Melbourne

Representation of animals in literature


Animals, the unconscious, the fantastic, the monstrous and the mythical

Freeman, Dr Carol

Adjunct Researcher

University of Tasmania


The representation of animals in scientific literature, film, wildlife documentaries, contemporary and historical writing, fiction and advertising

PhD Candidate

University of Liverpool

Human-animal interactions and relationships; human behaviour change models for improving animal welfare

Gadenne, Donelle

Independent Scholar


Veterinary nursing, vegan abolitionist, Critical Animal Studies

Honours student, Psychology

University of Adelaide

Psychology; the human-animal bond

Chief Executive Officer

Wellington SPCA



Australian National University

Philosophy; Ethics; Animal Rights

Hadley, Dr John

Senior Lecturer, Philosophy

Western Sydney University

Animal and environmental ethics, assisting wild animals in need, animal rights extremism, the reporting of animal research in the media, and the ethical limits of veterinary expenditure

Staff Profile

Grief and Bereavement, Wildlife care, Student education and supervision.

Senior Lecturer

University of Adelaide


Teaching animal welfare and animal ethics to veterinary and animal science students.

Staff Profile

PhD Candidate

Griffith University

Consumer awareness and attitudes towards animal farming

Sessional Tutor in Law
PhD Candidate, Animal Law

Victoria University

Karina Heikkila & Renny

Duties of Care in Law owed to Animals
Veterinary Law as it applies to laypersons

Independent scholar, animal advocate

Animal and environmental advocay

PhD Candidate

University of Waikato

Young children's empathy towards animals; animal advocacy

PhD Candidate

La Trobe University

Gender Studies; Animal Studies; Activism

Independent Scholar


Human-animal perpectives; art


University of New South Wales

Animals and food; animals and art; animals in feminist theory; "tranimals" (animal inside trans-); performance

Staff Profile

Senior Lecturer, Filmmaking

Liverpool John Moores University

Hybrid film forms, animals and landscape in film, posthumanism,

Staff Profile

Independent Scholar

Researching animals in art; animal mascots; the human-animal bond.



RMIT University

Companion animals and social work practice; human-animal bond theory; feminist ethic of care

Lecturer, Critical and Theoretical Studies

University of Melbourne (VCA, School of Art)

The cultural history of bats; animal art theory and criticism (colour theory, human-animal relations, theory for the anthropocene, decolonisation); animal language; plant sentience

Staff Profile

Independent Scholar

Researcher and Director, EVER


Rabbits, rabbit perspectives and rabbit exploitation; Animal rights; Vegan education

EVER Sanctuary

Executive Dean, Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts

University of Wollongong
Staff Profile

Assoc. Prof. of English /ARC Future Fellow

School of Humanities/Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania


Literature; Animal Studies; Antarctic Studies

Honours Research Student (Philosophy)

University of Wollongong

Animal ethics and epistemology; feminist and environmental philosophy

Writer, University of Technology Sydney

Dingo - human relationships

Adjunct Professor
School of Life and Environmental Sciences

University of Sydney

Ecology; conservation biology; mammals; forests; threatened species; ecological history.

Staff Profile

PhD Candidate, School of Arts

University of New England

Representations of dogs and human–dog relationships in life writing

Student Profile
LaTrobe University


Animal ethics; political philosophy; business ethics

Deputy Head of School, School of Arts

University of New England, NSW

Research interests include the perceptions of animals in nineteenth-century Britain, and human and animal studies as a discipline

Staff profile

ANU College of Law

Australian National University

Australia’s animal protection regime The protection of domesticated animals as a socio-legal problem.

PhD candidate

University of Melbourne


Creative writing, animal studies.

Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

University of Wollongong

Linguistics research -
counter discourses of meat consumption and factory farming. The conflation of individual and species interests of non-human animals in environmental/ ecological discourses

Independent Scholar and Freelance Animator

Digital media, perception, representation, technology and nonhuman animals

Personal Website
mowson, lynn

Research Assistant & Steering Committee Member, Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network

University of Melbourne


Artist and animals' advocate working with imagery responding to the horrors of the dairy industry

Publishing Manager

Sydney University Press

The relationship between symbolism, attitude to and treatment of animals in ancient and modern Cyprus; animal studies publishing

ARC DECRA Senior Research Fellow

Deakin University


Cattle trafficking and cattle industries in India; livestock industries; biopower; animals and urbanisms/urban planning

Staff Profile
Neumark, Norie. Professor

Honorary Professorial Fellow, VCA; Emeritus Professor, La Trobe University

VCA, University of Melbourne; and La Trobe University

Practice-based research; co-composing art and cultural work with nonhuman animals


Senior Researcher,
School of Social & Policy Studies

Flinders University


Positive training, operant conditioning for companion, zoo, farm animals; animals and public health; impact and human control/management of introduced species; attitudes toward and policies on urban animals.

Staff Profile
O’Sullivan, Dr Siobhan


University of New South Wales

Animal welfare policy; Environmental ethics. Siobhan presents a regular podcast, Knowing Animals, on all things animal and ethics related.

Professor of Law

Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

Animal welfare regulation; Free range and higher animal welfare labelling; the politics, ethics and regulation of food.

Staff Profile
Paterson, Dr Mandy

Principal Scientist

RSPCA Queensland

PhD Candidate

University of New England

The cultural history of the Australian dingo

Phillips, Dr Perdita

Contemporary Artist and Independent Scholar

In 2017 I will be working on 'anticipatory archives' for Termites and Stygofauna; harnessing the speculative possibilities of contemporary art to envision new environmental futures. My work with animals overlaps with the wider network of nonhuman players in ecosystems and biomes.

Pick, Dr Anat

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Queen Mary University of London

Animals in Film

Staff Profile

Independent Scholar

Tthe spiritual relationship of animals and humans; feline assisted therapy in nursing homes

Potts, Annie.  A/Professor

Associate Professor, English and Cultural Studies, School of Humanities and Creative Arts

University of Canterbury


Head of Cultural Studies and Co-Director of the New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies at Canterbury University, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Staff Profile
Probyn-Rapsey, Fiona.  Professor
School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, University of Wollongong


Fiona’s research connects feminist critical race studies and Animal studies, examining where, when and how gender, race and species intersect.


Research Student

University of the Sunshine Coast


Sun bears and conservation

Sessional tutor and research assistant

University of Melbourne

Animal studies, ecocriticism, literary fiction.


Associate Professor, English Department

Tamkang University, Taiwan

Eco-criticism; eco-film; posthumanism; animal studies; animal and plant representation in Australian literature

Associate Professor
Media & Cultural Studies

Edith Cowan University


Public attitudes to animal welfare in Australia; animal activists' use of social media to advance their campaigns

Russell, Dr Denise
Philosophy, University of Wollongong

Whaling; cetacean vocalisation; environmental philosophy; animals and ethics

Staff Profile

Research Fellow

University of Wollongong

animal nationalism; activism; nonviolence; intersectionality

PhD Candidate

Australian National University

Animal health, illness and healing practices in society, with a focus on Tibet, Bhutan and the Indian subcontinent.

Senior Lecturer, School of Arts and Communication

University of Southern Queensland

Animals in live performance; Animals and eco tourism; Wildlife conservation

Staff Profile

Portrait Artist;
Independent Student;
University of Melbourne Alumni


Animal portraiture; Human-dog relationships

Professional Website
University of Melbourne


Creative writing; Ecofeminism; Human-Animal studies


Associate Professor, Film and Television Studies

Monash University

Nonfiction screen media, animals and eco cinema

Staff Profile

Independent Scholar

The use of language in normalising animal exploitation and denigrating human 'others'; reclaiming the identity of 'animal' for human animals

Stewart, Dr James

Adjunct Lecturer

University of Tasmania

The relationship between humans and animals in South Asia, how religious practices influence this relationship, and how human actions can be manifested in acts of violence or non-violence towards these animals.


MSc student, Nature, Society and Environmental Governance

University of Oxford

Anthrozoology, ethnobiology, political ecology, effective animal advocacy

PhD Candidate/Casual Academic

Flinders University

Species inclusive research, sociology of human-animal studies, critical animal studies and human-companion animal relations

Associate Professor (Geographies of Education and Childhood)

University of Canberra

I'm a more-than-human geographer with a particular interest in human-animal relations. I conduct multispecies ethnographic research with young children and urban wildlife called 'Walking with wildlife in wild weather times'. Check out the research blog:
My research aims to respond to anthropogenic species extinctions and other aspects of our ecologically precarious times by by fostering new ethics and pedagogies for multispecies cohabitation.

Staff Profile

Independent Researcher

Human-cetacean relations; companion animal relations; the spaces of opposition regarding human-nonhuman animal relations; the ecology of wisdom; multi-species education; interspecies ethics

Taylor, Nik. A/Professor

Associate Professor

Flinders University


Sociology of human-animal relations

Staff Profile

Independent scholar

Townend, Dr Christine


Founder and trustee, Kalimpong Animal Shelter, Darjeeling Animal Shelter;
Patron, Help in Suffering Animal Shelter, Jaipur;
Assistant Editor, Australian Animal Protection Law Journal

PhD Candidate, Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (VELiM)

University of Sydney


Raising the importance of protecting existing wildlife populations in local urban planning; The relationship between front-line emergency responders and companion animal ‘owners’ or guardians in natural disasters

Australasian Bat Night Coordinator; Convenor Flying-fox subcommittee

Australasian Bat Society

Flying-fox management and community attitudes

Independent Scholar

Humane treatment of animal actors in US film and television; the legacy of sentimentality in animal rights discourse

van Dooren, Thom. A/Professor

Associate Professor, ARC Future Fellow

University of New South Wales


Environmental Philosophy; Social and Cultural Anthropology; Ethics; Conservation and Extinction; Wildlife Management; Birds (esp. Corvids)

PhD Candidate

Australian National University


Human conflicts regarding wildlife; macropod management in the Australian Capital Territory


Early Career Researcher

University of Melbourne


History of animal activism; History of the Australian animal movement; Australian politics;  Social movement studies; the global activism of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Wadiwel, Dr Dinesh

Lecturer Human Rights and Socio-legal Studies

University of Sydney

Dinesh Wadiwel

Sovereignty and the nature of rights, violence, race and critical animal studies.

Staff Profile

PhD Candidate, New Zealand Centre for Human Animal Studies

University of Canterbury

The lives of horses, their relationships with each other, and with humans who care for, and/or ride them.

PhD Candidate and Tutor

University of Sydney

Animals in sport and recreation; the human-animal bond; horse and human relations from an educational, psychological and social justice perspective.

Staff Profile
Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania

Primary research interest is the relationship between how nonhuman animals are depicted and what this might have to say about how these animals are thought about and treated.

Staff Profile

Senior Lecturer in History

Department of Public Affairs and Environmental Studies, Laikipia University, Kenya


Ecological history of precolonial Africa, Nomadic Pastoralism, Environmental History and Political Economy of Colonialism

White, Dr Steven

Lecturer, Griffith Law School

Griffith University

Animal protection ethics, law and policy.
Environmental law with a focus on wild animal protection.
Regulatory studies and protection of animals.

Staff Profile
Wright, Dr Kate

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of New England

Multispecies ethnography, community gardens, mixed communities

University Profile

PhD Candidate/Tutor, Faculty of Education

University of Tasmania
Staff Profile

Program Director, Bachelor of Health Sciences

University of South Australia


The intersections of human and animal leisure; Pets, health and older people

Lecturer, Early Childhood, Swinburne University of Technology

PhD Candidate, Monash University


The connections and disjunctions of child/animal relatings in family homes and early childhood education within a critical, posthuman framework; how animal species are socially constructed, culturally reproduced and positioned in early childhood education

Staff Profile