Appleby, Dr Roslyn

Appleby, Dr Roslyn

Honorary Fellow, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

University of Technology Sydney

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Research interests / activities

I take a cultural studies approach to research and my interests lie in the intersection of gender, sexuality, and human-animal studies.  I am also interested in incorporating human-animal relationships in my teaching of applied linguistics and English language studies.


My recent animal studies publications include:
Appleby, R. (2019). Sexing the animal in a posthumanist world: A critical feminist approach, Routledge.
Appleby, R. (2020). Human-animal relationships in literacy education: Reading the Australian Magpie, Literacy and Numeracy Studies, 28(1), 6–16. https://doi. org/10.5130/lns.v28i1.6958

Potential areas for research supervision
Gender, sexuality, and human-animal studies
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