Vivian Demuth

Vivian Demuth, From Bear War-den, 8”x10” black and white photograph


The images shown here are taken from the eco-novel, Bear War-den (Inanna Publications, 2015), which explore themes of violence and trauma, and imagines how human and non-human subjects might work together to create a more compassionate world.

Vivian Demuth, From Bear War-den, black and white photograph


Vivian Demuth is a Canadian trans-disciplinary artist and writer who has worked as a park ranger and as a fire lookout observer in the Rocky Mountains. She is the author of the eco- novels, Bear War-den and Eyes of the Forest, and two poetry collections, Fire Watcher and Breathing Nose Mountain. Her work has been broadcast on public radio, and included in various anthologies and journals in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Mexico. Vivian’s eco-novel, Bear War-den, includes text and images that explore the interconnectedness and mutual influences of the human and natural worlds, particularly highlighting relationships between women and bears within the Canadian Parks system.


Vivian Demuth, From Bear War-den, black and white photograph