Hammerton, Dr Zan

Hammerton, Dr Zan


Byron Underwater Research Group
Research interests / activities:

The rights of nature; decolonising non-human – human interactions.


Hammerton, Z., & Ford Dr, A. (2018). Decolonising the Waters: Interspecies Encounters Between Sharks and Humans. Animal Studies Journal, 7(1), 270-303. Hammerton, Z., Dimmock, K., Hahn, C., Dalton, S. J., & Smith, S. D. (2012). Scuba diving and marine conservation: collaboration at two Australian subtropical destinations. Tourism in Marine Environments, 8(1-2), 77-90. Hammerton, Z., & Bucher, D. (2015). Levels of intervention–reducing SCUBA-diver impact within subtropical marine protected areas. Journal of Ecotourism, 14(1), 3-20.

Potential areas for research supervision: Human-non human interactions within marine protected areas. Ethics in marine ecotourism.