Laing, Melissa

Laing, Melissa

PhD Candidate

RMIT University
Research interests / activities:

Melissa is a critical social work researcher undertaking a PhD project titled ‘Encountering interspecies homelessness: Social work with vulnerable groups and their companion animals, a mixed methods study exploring ways that social workers in the Victorian Family Violence and Homelessness sectors are subverting restrictions in the anthropocentric human services to support women who are companion animal guardians.


Laing, M. (2018, July). Social work encounters with interspecies homelessness: Initial findings of a mixed methods study in the Homelessness and Family Violence sectors. Poster session presented at Animals in our lives 27th Annual International Society for Anthrozoology Conference, Sydney, Australia. Laing, M. (2018). Encountering interspecies homelessness: Developing an evidence base of social work with women at risk of, or experiencing homelessness with a companion animal. Parity, 31(1), 61-62. Laing, M. & Maylea, C. (2018). “They burn brightly, but only for a short time”: The role of social workers in companion animal grief and loss. Anthrozoös, 31(2), 221-232.

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