Dollin, Jen

PhD Candidate

Western Sydney University

My PhD research explores water knowledges by framing the lens of inquiry through a ubiquitous river creature– the freshwater river eel (Anguilla spp.) Freshwater eels flow through freshwater and oceanic waterscapes absorbing late 20th century materials produced by the age of the Anthropocene. Globally river eel populations across Europe, North America and Asia are in dramatic decline with some uncertainties about the long term viability of the Pacific populations. The research explores human-water-eel entanglements using auto/multispecies ethnographies and a deep mapping methodology attuned to the agency of others and matter. Deep mapping encompasses memory, performance, journals, story, art and photography along with traditional cartographic techniques to produce a new creative, open and multi-layered space (Biggs, 2011). This research asks what happens when we start thinking through/with eels?

Knowledge, Culture, Ecologies Conference, Santiago November 2017: Paper presentation: ‘Deep Mapping Eel Worlds: Encountering Watery Places and Spaces ‘ Australian Association Research Education, Canberra December 2017: Panel Participant: ‘Space Place Body Research: Posthuman, Emergent, Intracorporeal Doctoral Writing – Emergent, Slippery Memories : Animating Eel Places and Spaces’ Australian Association Research Education, Canberra December 2017: Panel Discussant: Special Interest Group Environmental and Sustainability Education Panel: ‘Exploring the politics of the Anthropocene and the great unsettling of Environmental Education.’