Butler, Dr Deborah

Butler, Dr Deborah
Butler, Dr Deborah

Research Assistant

University of Warwick
Research interests / activities:

I worked for many years as a stable ‘lad’ in the UK horseracing industry. My research focuses on bringing the animals to the fore, training methods, the impact of class and gender on the human-animal relationship, and on interspecies work where without the animal there would be no ‘sport’ to watch.


Book: Butler, D. Women, Horseracing and Gender Becoming One of the ‘Lads’. Routledge, 2016. Butler, D. (2017). ‘Regaining a ‘feel for the game’ through interspecies sports’, Sociology of Sport Journal, 34 (2): 124-135 Butler, D and Holloway, L. (2016). ‘Technology and restructuring the social field of dairy farming: hybrid capitals, ‘stockmanship’ and automatic milking systems’, Sociologia Ruralis, 56 (4): 513-530 Butler, D. (2014). ‘Achieving against the odds: Gender, chance and contradiction in the horseracing industry, Sociology of Sport Journal, 31(4): 402-419 Butler, D. (2013). ‘Not a job for ‘girly-girls’: horseracing, gender and work identities. Sport in Society, 16 (10): 1309-1326.

Website/blog: ResearchGate
Reading group: BASN