Connor, Dr Andrea

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Culture and Society

Western Sydney University

Andrea Connor completed her PhD in Cultural Studies in 2013 at the University of Technology, Sydney. Her thesis is due to be published by Routledge in 2017. She has worked as both a journalist and academic and has an enduring fascination with the relationships between people and the non-human things and creatures that also populate this planet. She first became attuned to the creaturely ways of the Ibis whilst working at the City of Sydney where she was confronted daily with stories of people’s encounters with this feathered migrant to the inner city. Ibis and their ubiquitous presence in the city now occupy her thoughts perhaps more than they should.

Connor, A. (In press, 2017) Afterlife: Reconstructing Affect at Sites of Monumental Destruction. Interventions, Series Editors: J. Edkins and N. Vaughn Williams, London: Routledge. (Research Monograph) Connor, A. (2015) “Heritage in an Expanded Field: Reconstructing Bridge-ness in Mostar.” A Companion to Heritage Studies, (ed.) W. Logan, M. Nic Craith, and U. Kockel. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell. (Book Chapter)