Ward, Jade

Ward, Jade

PhD Candidate and Tutor

University of Sydney
Research interests / activities:

I am intrigued by the interactions, relationships and connections shared between animals and people in various contexts. One particular area of interest is the use of animals (especially horses) in sport and recreational activities and how these relationships may differ across the various cultures of the different sports in which animals are used. Additionally, I am interested in the power of the human-animal bond and what is has to offer both animals and humans alike. My current research explores this interaction between horses and humans from an educational, psychological and social justice perspective in a therapeutic and educative setting and asks the question: Can horses teach some of the country’s most at risk youth to successfully engage in society and assist them to achieve in life by developing their psycho-social functioning?


Ward, J., Georgakis, S. (2016). Identity in Australia: A case study on the role of sport in the ego identity formation process. Journal of Sports Research, 3(2), 56-72.

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Reading group: Animal Rights in Sydney (ARiS)