Evans, Dr Linda

Evans, Dr Linda
Evans, Dr Linda

Lecturer, Department of Ancient History

Macquarie University

I am an environmental historian who explores the relationship between humans and non-human animals in the ancient world as reflected in religious ideas, symbolism, philosophy, and especially art.

My PhD examined the depiction of animal behaviour in Egyptian paintings, showing that the Egyptians were surprisingly knowledgeable about a wide range of species. This was followed by a Macquarie University Research Fellowship (2008-2010), which examined The Ancient Egyptians’ Atypical Relationship with Invertebrates and then an ARC APD project (2011-2014), entitled An Environmental History of Ancient Egypt, during which I evaluated the impact of natural phenomena on Egyptian cultural expression.

As a Lecturer in the Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University, I now teach an OUA unit on Animals in the Ancient World and am currently undertaking a study of animal imagery at the ancient Egyptian site of Beni Hassan, for which my colleagues and I were recently awarded an ARC DP grant.

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Human-animal relationship in the ancient world; the representation of animals in art
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