Jones, Claude

Independent Scholar


My art focuses on the creation of chimeric, mutant and anthropomorphised forms that examine our complex, and contradictory relationships with other animals, raising questions about perspectives that both define and ultimately limit the ways in which animals are perceived.

Our human-centric perspective of the animal world positions rabbits, for example, as both cuddly companion animals but also as meat and fur “products”. We support an industry that raises millions of pets that are accepted members of families yet trap, cage, torture and kill billions of animals annually for food. My work seeks to expose such obvious contradictions in the face of widespread, culturally ingrained acceptance of this schism.

While the subject might evoke disturbing images, I employ soft colours and decorative elements that belie the sinister narrative content of the work – in the same way that the sordid underbelly of ‘legitimate’ mistreatment and exploitation of animals is repressed and sugarcoated.

Solo Exhibitions: 2014, Broken, Artereal Gallery, Sydney. 2013, Anthropocentrap, Artunit, Harleem, Netherlands. 2011, Chimera, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Victoria. 2011, Monkey Business, Artereal Gallery, Sydney. 2010, Endangered Species, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane. 2010, Taxonomy, Artereal Gallery, Sydney.