Jones, Claude

Jones, Claude

Visual Artist

Casual Academic, National Art School

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Research interests / activities:

My art is motivated by a strong conviction in the need to re-assess our relationship with other animals, to consider their sentience and to approach more ethical and compassionate ways of co-existing with them. To this end, I create chimeric, and anthropomorphic forms and narrative 2D images that examine our complex relationships with other animals. I am interested in exploring how our taxonomic categorisations of species determines how we treat them and how this system is marred by obvious inconsistencies and contradictions.


SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2016, Bully, Artereal Gallery, Sydney; 2014, Broken, Artereal Gallery, Sydney; 2013, Anthropocentrap, Artunit, Haarlem, Netherlands. SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2018, Arte Laguna Prize, The Arsenale, Venice, Italy; 2018, The Australian Art Prize, Scotch College, Melbourne; 2017, Animal Fanfair, Bundaberg and Noosa Regional Galleries, Sunshine Coast, QLD; 2017, The Other Art Fair, The Facility, Melbourne. SELECTED PUBLICATIONS 2016, Anna Starostinetskaya, Veg News, Vegan Art Exhibit Examines How Humans Bully Animals, Dec 7th (online) 2016, Claude Jones, Calendar for Artists: In the Spotlight, Claude Jones exhibition raises questions about ethics, equity and human accountability, 4th Dec (online) 2016, Barbara Dowse & Claude Jones, Claude Jones – Recent Work 2, (Catalogue).