Boyd, Dr Madeleine

Independent Scholar and Artist

Conference and Published Papers
1. Boyd M. (Upcoming Nov 2016) Multiple Partial-Perspectives: Human, Horse and Technicity. Technicity. Temporality, Embodiment Conference, Southern Cross University, Byron Bay
2. Boyd, M. & Haggerty, J. (upcoming Sept 2016) Game of Horseshoes for the Ineffectual Martyr V2.0, Joint Conference on Serious Games, University of Queensland, Brisbane.
3. Boyd, M (Under review) Painting with Horses Towards Interspecies Response-ability: Non-Human Charisma as Material Affect, Australian Animal Studies Journal.
4. Boyd, M (2016) Monster Culture, Culture Magazine April-June, 31.
5. Conference Presentation (2015): New Materialisms Transversal Practices: Matter, Ecology and Relationality VI Conference on New Materialisms, 27–29 September 2015, The Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne, Australia.
6. Conference Presentation (2015) Making art with equines towards interspecies response-ability. for conference Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy, Activism. University of Melbourne, July 2015. Australian Animal Studies Group Conference.
7. Boyd, M. (2015) A Game of Horseshoes for the Anthropocene. Chapter in ‘Animals in the Anthropocene’. University of Sydney Press.

Exhibition Curation
1. Forthcoming: October 2016 Future Stratigraphy, SCA Gallery
2. July 2016 Animaladies conference exhibition (University of Sydney)
3. July 2013 ‘Intra-action: Multispecies Becomings in the Anthropocene’, MOP Gallery, Sydney.

Interspecies Practice and Theory in Contemporary Art