Lunney, Dr Dan

Adjunct Professor
School of Life and Environmental Sciences

University of Sydney

Ecology; conservation biology; mammals; forests; threatened species; ecological history.

Co-editor, Australian Zoologist.

Lunney, D., Predavec, M., Miller, I., Shannon, I., Fisher, M., Moon, C., Matthews, A., Turbill, J., Rhodes, J. (2016). Interpreting patterns of population change in koalas from long-term datasets in Coffs Harbour on the north coast of New South Wales. Australian Mammalogy, 38, 29-43; Matthews, A., Lunney, D., Gresser, S., Maitz, W. (2016). Movement patterns of koalas in remnant forest after fire. Australian Mammalogy, 38(1), 91-104.
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