Laird, Dr Tessa

Lecturer, Critical and Theoretical Studies

University of Melbourne (VCA, School of Art)

I am writing a book on the cultural history of bats for the Reaktion Animal series. I am particularly interested in echolocation for its implications in terms of neurodiversity and thinking differently, in a productively post-Nagel embrace of other perspectives. Aside from this I have been developing a series of bat-related artworks including ceramics and wallpaper prints.



BAT (Reaktion, forthcoming); Animals in the films of Camille Henrot, an essay for Antennae (forthcoming); “From Ur to Eternity: Malone as Manimal,” Daniel Malone: Artist as Animal, (forthcoming monograph); “In Tooth and Claw” Animal Liberation in the work of Louise Menzies, Distracted Reader #4 (forthcoming).
Animals in art; Artistic practice in the Anthropocene; Animals and colour; Animals and language/ text
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Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network