Laird, Dr Tessa

Laird, Dr Tessa
Laird, Dr Tessa

Lecturer, Critical and Theoretical Studies

University of Melbourne (VCA, School of Art)

I am interested in the invocation of the animal in visual art, literature and film. Most recently I have extended Derrida’s literary animot to include cinematic crittery kin – cinemal, or the becoming animal of the filmic medium. In addition, I continue to ponder Michael Taussig’s provocation, that colour is an animal, with all the implications that holds for the manifold perspectives of a multinatural planet.


“In Praise of Bats, Our Exquisite Winged Kin,” White Fungus, #13, 2013. House of Bats, solo exhibition, Corbans Art Estate, Auckland, NZ. “The Battier the Better: Chiropteran Mythinformation vs 21st Century Totemism,” Animaladies, University of Sydney, 2016 “Like a tea-tray in the sky”, performative lecture for the Liquid Architecture Why Listen to Animals? series, with James Grant, 2016 Bat, Reaktion, London, forthcoming (May 2018).
Animals in art, literature and film; Artistic practice in the Anthropocene; Animals and colour; Animals and language/ text
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