Singer, Dr Hayley

University of Melbourne


I am currently writing a book-length piece of creative-scholarship that examines the concept of the ‘Fleischgeist’. As a pun on Hegel’s Zeitgeist, Fleischgeist describes the dominant spirit of our times as characterised by a meat consciousness fuelled simultaneously by ethical considerations and instrumental logic.  This work considers representations of women and animals, human-animal-plant metamorphosis, toxic bodies of meat and meat narrators in contemporary literature by Marie Darrieussecq, Han Kang and Ruth Ozeki.

‘Writing the Fleischgeist’ in Animal Studies Journal Vol 5, No. 2. ‘The Art of Carnism’ in Writing from Below, special issue on Masculinities Vol 3, No. 1. Conference presentations: ‘Mad Cows’ July 11 – 12 2016 Animaladies held by Human and Animal Research Network at the University of Sydney. ‘Poultry Concerns’ and ‘Fleshly Climes’ July 6 – 9 2016, Performance Studies International conference # 22 held at the University of Melbourne.
Examination of portrayals of women, non-human animals and plant life in contemporary literature. In particular, contemporary literature written by women. The imaginal ecologies of meat – exploring images of women and animals as meat in fiction. Writing ‘beyond the human’ – writing praxis that engages with poetics, politics and ethics that move beyond Western culture’s dominant human centred narrative perspectives.
creative writing; ecofeminism; human-animal studies
HRAE Knowing Animals Reading Group, University of Melbourne