Heikkila, Dr Karina

Heikkila, Dr Karina

Independent Scholar

Victoria University

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2019 – PhD Awarded: ‘Could s 17 of the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (Qld) represent a Derridean justice-based approach to animal protections?’   The dissertation includes a rich analysis of Derrida’s propositions including deconstruction and his animal-related works, and a deep analysis of omissions offences relative to animal protections. Available from Victoria University Research Repository or contact me – karina.heikkila@gmail.com


Karina Heikkila and Gary Wilson, 2016. ‘Remembering Zander: The case against lay persons performing equine dentistry using power tools’, International Animal-Law Newsletter. http://animal-law.biz/sites/default/files/Zander_IAL_V2_submitted_30Mar2016.pdf