Heikkila, Karina

Sessional Tutor in Law
PhD Candidate, Animal Law

Victoria University

Karina Heikkila & Renny

PhD Topic:
Could s 17 of the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (Qld) represent a Derridian ethics-based approach to animal protection?
This research will interrogate Queensland’s animal protection regime through the lens of Derrida’s later work that examines the human-animal relationship. Specifically, it will review s 17 of the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (Qld) that imposes a duty of care on animal carers. New knowledge will result in suggesting how s 17 could represent greater scope for protection if it were to be posited as an opening toward Derridian ethics particular to human responsibility to animals. It will examine that possibility in contrast to animal rights and animal welfare based approaches. It will survey key developments in neuroscience and veterinary science that contradict what western philosophy has posited as limits of animality and humanity, and that extend contemporary understanding of animal sentience. It will survey the Queensland regime’s anthropocentric constraints, and it will compare the development of the animal protection regime to the child protection regime that includes ethics-based duties of care. It will result in suggestions for law reform.

Karina Heikkila and Gary Wilson, 2016. ‘Remembering Zander: The case against lay persons performing equine dentistry using power tools’, International Animal-Law Newsletter. http://animal-law.biz/sites/default/files/Zander_IAL_V2_submitted_30Mar2016.pdf