Bergmann, Dr Iris

Bergmann, Dr Iris


University of Sydney

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Research interests / activities:

Iris is researching thoroughbred welfare models espoused by the thoroughbred industry and by animal protection advocates. She uses the thoroughbred industry to draw lessons for the further development and exploration of a theory of interspecies sustainability. This work is based at the University of Sydney and completed as a PhD research project. Iris has a background in environmental cognition and capacity building for sustainability. She cares for two thoroughbreds, two cats, and at times other free-living animals who request assistance, come and go, and sometimes stay.


Bergmann, Iris M. 2019. Interspecies Sustainability to Ensure Animal Protection: Lessons from the Thoroughbred Racing Industry. Sustainability 11(19):5539.
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Bergmann, Iris 2015. Sustainability, thoroughbred racing and the need for change. Pferdeheilkunde 31(5), 490-498.

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