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Current Issue:  Volume 6, Number 2 (2017)

“This special sanctuary edition of the Animal Studies Journal is dedicated to Minuet, who died not long ago after living an exceptionally long life for a cow in this world. She was 26 years old, almost 27. Minuet was a Friesian cow who lived all her life in the same little herd at a farm which in many ways resembles a sanctuary, in the sense of a sanctuary as a place where the animal’s life and wellbeing is of central importance; but also a sanctuary in the sense of the limitations that almost always includes – human control and lifelong captivity. I was there when she was born, and when she died, and I think she had a happy life, even though at times it was clear to me that she suffered humans gladly in the face of our inadequacies. Without the sanctuary of the farm she may, like her mother, have been sold at the saleyards when only a few weeks old (I saw her there and took her home), or she may have found herself captive and put to work in a dairy farm like her grandmother. Sanctuary seems utopic in the face of these kinds of realities for cows; but, as Foucault suggests, utopias are not real.”

1. Contents, editorial and bios:
 2. Introductory essay by guest editor Elan Abrell:  “Interrogating Captive Freedom: The Possibilities and Limits of Animal Sanctuaries”:
3. Article: Amy Fultz, “A Guide for Modern Sanctuaries with Examples from a Captive Chimpanzee Sanctuary”:
4. Article: Erika Fleury, “Money for Monkeys, and More: Ensuring Sanctuary Retirement of Nonhuman Primates”:
5. Article: Catherine Doyle“Captive Wildlife Sanctuaries: Definition, Ethical Considerations and Public Perception”:
6. Article: Guy Scotton, “Duties to Socialise with Domesticated Animals: Farmed Animal Sanctuaries as Frontiers of Friendship”: 
7. Article: Anna Boswell, “Settler Sanctuaries and the Stoat-Free State”:
8. Article: Sabrina Fusari, “What is an Animal Sanctuary? Evidence from Applied Linguistics”:
9. Article: Delcianna J. Winders, “Captive Wildlife at a Crossroads – Sanctuaries, Accreditation, and Humane-Washing”:
10. Short story: Camila Cossío, “Condors in a Cage”:
11. Performance review: Peta Tait, “ Species Blindness: Is There a Role For a Quoll?”:
12. Article: Richard Twine,  “A Practice Theory Framework for Understanding Vegan Transition”:
13. Book review by Carol Gigliotti:  Annie Potts (ed). Meat Culture
14. Book review by Henrietta Mondry:  Ann-Sofie Lönngren. Following the Animal: Power, Agency, and Human-Animal Transformations in Modern, Northern-European Literature:
15. Book review by Philiip Armstrong: Dinesh Wadiwel. The War Against Animals

Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Steve Baker, University of Central Lancashire
Dr Georgette Leah Burns, Griffith University
Professor Una Chaudhuri, New York University
Dr Matthew Chrulew, Curtin University
Professor Deidre Coleman, University of Melbourne
Professor Barbara Creed, University of Melbourne
Elizabeth Ellis, University of Wollongong
Professor Adrian Franklin, University of Tasmania
Professor Erica Fudge, University of Strathclyde
Professor Donna Haraway, University of California, Santa Cruz
Dr Susan Hazel, University of Adelaide
Dr Andrew Knight, University of Winchester
Professor Amanda Lawson, University of Wollongong
Professor Susan McHugh, University of New England
Dr Alison Moore, University of Wollongong
Dr Cecilia Novero, University of Otago
Professor Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, University of Sydney
Dr Denise Russell, University of Wollongong
Professor John Simons, Macquarie University
Professor Peta Tait, La Trobe University
Professor Helen Tiffin, University of Wollongong
Dr Tom Tyler, Oxford Brookes University
Professor Cary Wolfe, Rice University
Dr Yvette Watt, University of Tasmania
Assoc. Professor Linda Williams, RMIT University
Professor Wendy Woodward, University of the Western Cape