Animal Studies Journal

Animal Studies Journal provides a forum for current research in human-animal Studies. ASJ publishes international cross-disciplinary scholarship and practice-led research. The journal, which is published twice yearly, is fully refereed (double-blind peer reviewed) and open access.

Founding and Chief Editor: Melissa Boyde

AASA has a long and close association with the Animal Studies Journal.

Current Issue: Volume 10, Number 1 (2021)

Cover Page, Table of Contents, Editorial and Contributor Biographies 
Melissa Boyde

Introduction: Critical Animal Studies Perspectives on Covid-19  
Chloë Taylor, Kelly Struthers Montford, and Eva Kasprzycka

A Covid Calendar, in Twelve Animals 
Dana Medoro

Akbar, My Heart: Caregiving for a Dog During Covid-19 
Alexandra Isfahani-Hammond

Zoognosis: When Animal Knowledges Go Viral. Laura Jean Mackay’s The Animals in That Country, Contagion, Becoming-Animal, and the Politics of Predation.  
Tessa Laird

Multispecies Disposability: Taxonomies of Power in a Global Pandemic 
Darren Chang and Lauren Corman

The Contagion of Slow Violence: The Slaughterhouse and COVID-19   
Kelly Struthers Montford and Tessa Wotherspoon

Returning to ‘The Good Life’? Chickens and Chicken-keeping during Covid-19 in Britain 
Catherine Oliver

Greedy Bat Eaters versus Cruel Pig Killers: The Lose-Lose Battle of Divisive Discourse 
Angela Lee

The Covid Pandemic, ‘Pivotal’ Moments, and Persistent Anthropocentrism: Interrogating the (Il)legitimacy of Critical Animal Perspectives 
Paula Arcari

Covid-19 and Capital: Labour Studies and Nonhuman Animals – A Roundtable Dialogue 
Charlotte Blattner, Kendra Coulter, Dinesh Wadiwel, and Eva Kasprzycka

[Review] Penny Johnson. Companions in Conflict: Animals in Occupied Palestine. Melville House Publishing, 2019.  
Esther Alloun

[Review] Rosemary-Claire Collard, Animal Traffic . Duke University Press, 2020, xv + 181pp. 
John Simons

[Review] Dara M. Wald and Anna L. Peterson. Cats and Conservationists: The Debate over Who Owns the Outdoors. West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, 2020. 153 pp. 
Wendy Woodward

[Review] Jody Berland. Virtual Menageries: Animals as Mediators in Network Cultures. Cambridge Mass: MIT Press, 2019. 328 pp. 
Prof. Peta Tait

[Review] Peter Godfrey-Smith. Metazoa: Animal Life and the Birth of the Mind. New York: Farar, Straus and Giroux, 2020. 336 pp.
David Herman

[Review] Susan Mary Pyke. Animal Visions: Posthumanist Dream Writing. Palgrave Studies in Animals and Literature. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. 314 pp. 
Wendy Woodward

Previous Issue: Volume 9, Number 2 (2020)

Animal Studies Journal 2020 9(2): Cover Page, Table of Contents and Contributor Biographies
Melissa Boyde

Efficacy of the Feline Temperament Profile in evaluating sheltered cats for adoption into families of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Angélique Lamontagne, Rebecca A. Johnson, Gretchen K. Carlisle, Leslie A. Lyons, Jessica L. Bibbo, Colleen Koch, and Steven J. Osterlind

Previous Issue: Volume 9, Number 1 (2020)